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Yoga Mama Flow was formed off the idea that a great mama isn't one that has a tidy home, a flat belly and the ability to do it all.  She's a mama has found balance by taking time for herself through self care, specifically through Yoga.  


YMF's online yoga programs were created for mamas of all levels to cultivate the mental, emotional and physical strength to live out their best mama-hood journey. YMF also wanted to help create  an online village, because like the old saying goes:  "it takes a village to raise a child,"and us mamas can embrace all the support that we can get.


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I had the most incredible experience working with Carla for the branding of my business.

From the start, she listened to my vision and all the details in between. She asked a ton of questions, which illustrated to me that:

a) she was completely invested in this project  and

b) she was going to go above and beyond to make sure that the branding and design was as close of a reflection of what I envisioned.

And that's exactly what happened... in fact, what she designed far exceeded my expectations. The branding and design embodies the personality of the brand to a T and really resonates with my mama audience. Thanks to Carla's incredible talent and amazing design process, I have a brand and website that I'm so incredibly proud of!

Cat Geiser



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