playing house: mad men style

I know I'm not alone when I say, "If I ever got a chance travel back in time to any era, it would no doubt be the 1950/60's". There is something awe inspiring about that period. Most often I refer to the a-line, clinched waist garments the females used to wear or the dapper suits, the gents used to don morning, noon and night. I could go on forever talking about the drool worthy era but today, I am referring to the fashion that we live in everyday, the haven we call home. This era in the home is having a huge comeback but with a modern flair.

As AMC's Mad Men series is about to come to a close, I thought it would be the perfect time to share ‘How to get your very own Mad Men inspired rooms with a 21st century twist!’



Headboards have been a tasteful addition to the bedroom boudoir since forever, so there is nothing new here, but when it comes to drawing inspiration from the 50/60's, the bolder the headboard the better. These days, we don't need to pair a bold headboard with outrageous wallpaper like they did back then. Just a few complimentary accent pillows & contrasting throw pillows will do the trick.  Checkout this amazing bedroom by Shelter Interior Design

Vintage Aqua Bed Frame louis-xv-style-French Tufted headboard

Bar carts have been all the rage these past 8 years.  Maybe we owe that to the series or maybe don't. Either way I'm definitely not complaining! Not only are they stunning to look at, they are incredibly practical. No more sifting through your liquor cabinets to see if you have all the ingredients for your favorite cocktail. Put your bottles out on display & you will always be prepared!

The recipe for the perfect bar cart requires only a few ingredients:
  1. SIMPLE IS BEST - Don't put the entire liquor store on your bar cart. Just keep the ingredients for a few of your favorite cocktails & at least one non-alcoholic cocktail for those friends who need to drive. Remember to keep your liquor bottles on the smaller side too. That big 2XL whisky bottle will drown the cart if you leave it there.
  2. DECOR ACCENTS ARE KEY - Whether it is beautifully designed straws or an arrangement of coffee table books. Make your cart stand out with a few touches of you.
  3. BRING NATURE TO YOUR COCKTAIL - This is my rule (so it doesn't apply to all), but there is nothing like a touch of nature to add life into your cart. It could be a single rose bud in a small vase or a succulent. Either way some sort of plant (or fake plant) always compliments a bart cart in my mind.

Wood-paneling... Yes I said it!
Back in the day there was nothing more classy than the wood on wood look. However, now we prefer to keep the walls light & airy, with wood accents in the furniture. This doesn't have to be the case. Keep the wood paneling I tell you... (I know for some of you that means your eyes rolled back into you head!). Trust me you can make it work!

When it comes to wood paneling my technique is simple. Keep your color palate to a minimum, 3 or 4 colors is key (wood being one of these) & only use the wood paneling as a feature wall. You can pair the paneling with some mid-century modern furniture & accents to create your Mad Men inspired room.


I hope this inspires you to bring a little Mad Men interior design in to your home. Be sure to check out Charish; an exclusive, curator approved, online marketplace for vintage and used furniture. I found most of the mid-century modern furniture I used in this post there. I know my good friend Mr. Bosch will be very excited for this store, not so much Mrs Bosch!

Now Mr Colorful can bring us a round of cocktails in style ;-)

Xo Carla


  1. Bar carts are an apartment must-have. So happy you're back to blogging again Carla!

  2. Very inspiring! Though if you love mid century modern you must check out Emfurn