E-Design Mood Boards - Krista

My wonderful friend Krista recently moved from east-coast to be with he lover in the south.
Krista asked for some help on how to decorate her new apartment &  I was so honored, I thought I would make her my first e-design customer. 

If your not familiar with the term e-design. It's basically interior designing through the internet, but instead of going shopping with your client, you send them a link on where to buy the furniture. Since I'm the queen of DIY, some of my furniture links are to DIY tutorials online. So Krista can save $$$ and create the look herself!

Krista design requests where: 1) use existing furniture 2) add color to the built in bookcase 3) She can't paint the walls.

So here goes.... my first e-design boards. I hope you like them:

DIY Pallet Art | Side Table  | Couch (Existing) | Ottoman

Pillow one, two, three & four (make your own using similar fabrics)
Side-table one | Lamp one (similar) | Couch (Existing)

Lamps (pre-owned) | Side-tables  (preowned /Painted) | Bedspread (Pre owned)

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