Happy Australia Day!

Australia Day | via colourfulcarla.com

Wishing you all a Happy Australia Day!
I spent my Jan 26th,  day dreaming I was back on OZ with my mates (friends),  soaking up the sun at the beach & throwing a prawn (shrimp) on the barbie (BBQ)!

Now don't start feeling sorry for me.... I will have my own Australia Day here in the US very soon. 
Mr Colorful & I plan to have a belated Australia Day house-warming party in February! 
I can't wait! 
I'm going to show my US buddies what being Australian is all about.
And as usuall I'm scouring the web for some inspiration. I found some great images. 
Check them out! 

And don't worry, I will be posting images of our party once it's over!

Australia Day Party  Inspiration | via colourfulcarla.com

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